Hi there, I'm Yvonne

and I'm a hobby programmer

While working on many several projects I got specialized in data analysis and complex problems and tasks. I also came across many scripting languages and syntaxes.

My focus lies on PHP, JavaScript and Visual Basic .NET while I'm also familiar with Batch, Jass2(+vJass), lua, Basic-like languages and binary syntaxes like those used in CodeBreaker or ActionReplay devices. Furthermore I played around with Pascal, Bash, Java, C# and Phyton long time ago, too.

In the end it doesn't matter what language. Where it's a spoon on the one side it is a fork on the other. The one side requires a tureen, the other one imports a knife. You just need to know how to use the cutlery to handle the food. After that it's always the same. Chew and swallow the input and after some time with any luck you may get a pretty output. Hopefully the kind of output after programming is not the same as after eating. ;-)

Back to the point, the question of "how?" is my source of addiction, finding the answer outside the n'th box my ecstasy. When I'm programming I'm doing so inside my mind not on the keyboard.