L2Net Scripts

(My old backup)

L2Net has been the most famous Lineage 2 bot ever created. It's sad to say that the development shut down years ago... :-(

Thanks to an old buddy I got back most of my scripts and libraries such as EngineX, Travel or FastCast.

They are written in JingJing, a language that Slothmo, the creator of L2Net invented:

jingjing is a simple yet powerful easy to learn scripting language. Imagine for a moment that QBasic and C++ went to a bar and got totally wasted... jingjing is their bastard child.

jingjing is a strongly typed language that supports everything from basic loops and functions to complex threading, locks, pointers and class inheritence.


Thanks for the great time:

Mpj123, Dood, Slothmo, Mochitto, Halidith, Iosc, Oddi, Obce, Jeapordy, Joe, escabuchen
and everyone else who did contribution or had fun with us scripting, botting and playing