FileDB.js is a tiny yet powerful database class written in JavaScript.

The main goal is to be able to load table structures and data sets from files (even local files) and save them back via saveAs-dialogs.

Additional features:

  • Insert, delete, update and select queries
  • Auto increment statement
  • Not Null statement
  • Column types (typeof variable)
  • Default values (via function callback)
  • Multiple unique column ranges
  • Column references across tables
  • Getting last inserted ID['s]
  • Getting affected rows count

Missing features:

  • Commits and transactions
    (All changes made in current javascript session are live)
  • Primary keys and foreign keys
    (There is no need yet)
  • On ... actions and triggers
  • Charsets / binary
  • String length check
    (Can be done by user)
  • Distinguishing double/integer/byte
    (It can just check for "number")

Version 1.0 - 2019/01/30

  • Released